Internships and Seminars

MedFilm Festival University Jury

As every year, the MedFilm Festival establishes a university jury, parallel to those of authors and cinema experts, which assigns the main prizes of the MedFilm Festival for the categories in competition (“Amore & Psyche”, fictional feature films and short films; Documentaries).

The Jury, made up of over 70 students from the main universities of Rome, including a rich representation of the students of the Internship of the ISO Oriental Studies Department of the Faculty of Letters of the La Sapienza University, was able to access live, in theaters, to the entire program of the MedFilm Festival, participating in the scheduled meetings and masterclasses, meeting to discuss the films of the Festival, analyze them and finally choosing their winners.

Lifeblood for raising students’ awareness of the issues of a cultural, social, economic and political nature relating to the Mediterranean area with respect to the study paths of students – History and Culture, Cinema, Philosophy, Political Science – for these young people, the MedFilm Festival was once again a window overlooking the world that connects the work done daily in the university classrooms with the many pulsating realities of the Mediterranean told through the gaze of the filmmakers.

Two Masterclasses realized in this 2021 edition by the MedFilm Festival in which the students of the University Jury participated: on November 5 with the MedFilm Festival 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award, the Moroccan director Faouzi Bensaïdi, created in collaboration with the internship of the Department of Oriental Studies of Rome ISO and the ISO Library, with which the collaboration with the MedFilm Festival is underway for the Third Mission Project Voices and Images from Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean, within which a first archive core of the MedFilm Festival.
The Masterclass with Leonardo Di Costanzo (November 9, 2021) in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Literature of La Sapienza, in the spaces of the Department’s Library.