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Le jardin d’essai

Director: Dania Reymond

Cast: Samir El Hakim, Sonia Amori, Louiza Nehar, Abdelkader Hamadaine, Yassine Hadj-Henni, Zohir Chabounia, Akram Djeghim, Redouane Boukachabia, Chahrazad Kracheni, Amel Hanifi, Djamel Aouane, Yanis Saadiza, Aya Hamdi, Hamdi Ahmed, Abdenour Bradai

Country: Algeria, France | Year: 2016 | Duration: 42 ′

In a tropical park in Algiers, Samir, a young director, helps his actors during rehearsals. His next film will tell the story of the youth of a besieged city. While at work, the film’s cast finds themselves confronted with the same questions as their characters.

Dania Reymond

Born in Algeria in 1982, Dania Reymond studies at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Marseille and continues her post-graduate studies at the National Higher School of Fine Arts in Lyon and at Fresnoy – National Studio of Contemporary Arts. For his short film Jeanne (2012), he receives the StudioCollector award. The Essay Garden wins the Youth Jury Award at the 14th Brive Film Festival and has its Italian premiere at MedFilm.

MedFilm Festival 2016 // Amore & Psiche


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