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Kayıp Zamanlar

Director: Faysal Soysal

Country: Turchia | Year: 2015 | Lenght: 58′

Hadice Mehmedovic is an Srebrenitsa Mother who lost her husband and two children in Srebrenica Massacre. She came back to Srebrenica after many years to find her children dead body to have their graves. She found them after 10 years but some part of body is missing.

Firstly she did not want to bury like that but in the end she accept to bury them as there was not any hope about the missing parts. She tries to live in her old house with her memory. Mirsad Duratovic lost all of his family member accept his mother during Prijedor Massacre. He was prisoner in concentration camps-Manyecha, Omarska, Trnapolje.. which established by Serbian soldier. He came back from Germany to find corpse of his father.

Last year he found him in Tomashnitsa mass grave and in July He buried him. He tries to live in homeland however everyday he confront the Serbian killer of his family.

MedFilm Festival 2009 // Open Eyes