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General report

Director: Pere Portabella

Country: Spagna | Year: 1977 | Lenght: 154′

On November 20, 1975, Francisco Franco died. Finally, Spain can slowly transform itself into a democracy. Thus begins the period called “transición”, which ends for some on 6 December 1978 with the ratification of the Spanish Constitution; for others with the electoral victory of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party in 1982, after a fascist coup attempt the year before.

“Informe general sobre unas cuestiones de interés para una proyección pública” covers the period preceding the nation’s first free elections after Franco, on June 15, 1977 – an event that is at the same time very real, if a little theatrical “, which led to Portabella to approach the project as if it were a piece of fiction. He was certainly not a disinterested subject: Portabella himself was a candidate in the elections, and would have taken part in the drafting of the Constitution of ’78.

MedFilm Festival 2010 // Open Eyes